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Kanye West Faces Lawsuit Over Malibu Home Renovation Dispute


Kanye West, the influential musician and entrepreneur, is facing a lawsuit filed by Tony Saxon, the former project manager of West’s Malibu home renovation project. Saxon alleges that he was subjected to inhumane working conditions and ultimately fired after a disagreement regarding the removal of windows and electricity from the property.

Saxon claims that he was hired by Kanye West in September 2021 to serve as the project manager, caretaker, and 24/7 security personnel for West’s Malibu property. However, according to the lawsuit, which was obtained by TMZ, Saxon endured grueling 16-hour workdays and was forced to sleep on the floor while overseeing the renovation project. He even resorted to using a coat as makeshift bedding.

Despite the harsh conditions, Saxon alleges that Kanye West was indifferent to his concerns and only compensated him for one week of work. The breaking point came in November 2021 when West demanded that all the windows and electricity in the home be removed, a decision Saxon strongly objected to, citing extreme danger.

Saxon expressed his apprehension about the potential fire hazard that could result from moving large generators inside the house. According to the lawsuit, Kanye West responded by threatening Saxon, declaring that he would be considered an “enemy” if he did not comply with the demands.

Refusing to compromise on safety concerns, Saxon claims he was told by West to “get the hell out” and was subsequently terminated. During this exchange, West allegedly stated, “If you don’t do what I say, you’re not going to work for me, I’m not gonna be your friend anymore, and you’ll just see me on TV.” Saxon retorted that he didn’t watch television and was promptly fired on the spot.

In the lawsuit, Saxon is pursuing legal action against Kanye West for various labor code violations. He is seeking unpaid wages as well as damages related to the alleged mistreatment and wrongful termination. The legal battle between Tony Saxon and Kanye West sheds light on the challenges and disputes that can arise during high-profile home renovation projects, even involving celebrities like West.

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