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Kanye West Pivots: From Quitting Rap to Unleashing Unheard Fire!


Kanye West, the iconic rapper and producer, recently sent shockwaves through the music industry with his unexpected declaration of retirement from professional music. In a text message shared by Rich The Kid, Kanye expressed his exhaustion and uncertainty about his future in the music scene, indicating a possible end to his rap career.

According to sources close to the situation, Kanye West is feeling drained from pouring his heart, soul, time, and energy into the music industry. Despite his remarkable success and dedication, the pressures of the industry seem to have taken a toll on him, prompting thoughts of stepping away from the spotlight.

While Kanye’s decision to retire has surprised many, including collaborators like Rich The Kid and Consequence, there is still excitement in the air as unreleased tracks with Consequence and Rich The Kid are set to hit the airwaves soon. Rich The Kid’s upcoming album, “Life’s a Gamble,” features a track with Kanye titled “Plain Jane,” while Consequence is gearing up to release “No Apologies,” a collaboration with Kanye.

Consequence, showing unwavering support for Kanye’s decision, acknowledges the significant impact Ye has had on the hip hop industry. Their history of classic collaborations, from “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” to Beyonc√©’s “Party,” stands as a testament to Kanye’s lasting influence on the genre.

Despite Kanye West’s contemplation of retirement, the music world eagerly anticipates the release of these unheard tracks, solidifying his legacy as a pioneer in the rap game.

Written by
Derek Chan


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