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Kanye West Seeks Trademark Rights for “YEWS” Across Multiple Industries


Kanye West, now recognized as Ye, is making moves to secure trademark rights for the term “YEWS” across a wide range of sectors, raising eyebrows given his past controversies.

Recent filings on October 2, made in California and submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), have sought exclusive rights to the “YEWS” trademark. While Kanye’s name is not directly mentioned, the documents indicate that the applicant is Ox Paha Inc., a company linked to Ye’s Los Angeles office. This move comes after his previous legal team distanced themselves from him due to his antisemitic remarks.

The trademark applications encompass a broad spectrum of potential uses, including clothing, restaurants, gambling, and more. However, Ye’s specific plans for the phrase, if the filings are approved, remain unclear.

Ye’s history of antisemitic comments has already stirred controversy. In late 2022, he faced backlash for making antisemitic remarks and praising Adolf Hitler during an interview on the “Infowars” show. These comments led to his suspension from social media platforms and the termination of major partnerships with companies like Adidas and Balenciaga.

Despite being less outspoken in 2023, Ye faced fresh allegations of antisemitism from his former business partner, Alex Klein, who recounted offensive remarks in a BBC documentary. It’s important to note that, in a 2017 Supreme Court decision, a trademark law barring offensive terms was ruled to infringe on free speech rights, making disparaging terms legally permissible for trademark registration.

While Ye’s pursuit of the YEWS trademark continues, it remains to be seen how this controversial move will play out across various industries.

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