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Kanye West’s Alleged Marriage to Bianca Censor Takes New Turn with Property Power of Attorney


Rumors surrounding Kanye West’s rumored marriage to Bianca Censor, the director of Yeezy Architecture, have taken a new twist as recent documents reveal a significant development in their relationship. According to exclusive findings by The U.S. Sun, Bianca Censor has been discreetly granted special power of attorney over one of Kanye West’s properties. This special power of attorney, unlike a general one, confines decision-making authority to specific circumstances, providing a limited scope of control.

Official records from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder indicate that Bianca Censor was entrusted with significant responsibilities, including the sale of West’s property in Hidden Hills, which notably stands opposite the residence of his former spouse, Kim Kardashian. The transaction, executed in June, marks a pivotal step in their relationship, as Censor wields the power to navigate property-related decisions on behalf of the famed rapper.

Sources suggest that Bianca Censor’s role might extend beyond the recent property sale, hinting at further legal responsibilities within their dynamic partnership. Although initial speculation suggested a Los Angeles wedding, insider information revealed that the couple exchanged vows at the luxurious Amangiri Resort in Utah, where a lavish celebration reportedly took place. Notably, The U.S. Sun’s investigation confirms that the couple did not register for a marriage license in Utah, prompting intriguing questions about the status of their relationship.

Kanye West and Bianca Censor’s evolving connection has piqued public curiosity, as their alleged marriage continues to be shrouded in mystery. The recent revelation of special power of attorney underscores the unique contours of their partnership and raises anticipation about the potential legal paths their union may traverse.

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