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Keefe D Blames Jail Food for Cancer Return: Calls for Better Medical Care


Keefe D, the murder suspect linked to 2Pac’s case, recently revealed that his cancer has returned and attributed it to the poor quality of food served in jail. During a court appearance, Keefe, whose real name is Duane Davis, expressed frustration over his deteriorating health and lack of adequate medical attention behind bars.

Speaking out about his condition, Keefe lamented, “I got cancer. I been in jail eating processed food. I had colon cancer… they serve all this processed food, they don’t serve no fruit, it’s terrible. Fake potatoes. Fake milk. Fake everything. It ain’t good for an ex-cancer patient. I got it again.”

He further criticized the insufficient medical care he has received, highlighting delays in essential procedures and examinations. Keefe emphasized the urgency of his situation, stating, “I’m in a life situation and I will do anything to save my life.”

This isn’t the first time Keefe D has raised concerns about his diet and healthcare while incarcerated. His legal team previously highlighted the substandard meals and lack of proper medical attention in a bid for bail, citing his declining health and the need for regular oncologist check-ups.

Despite efforts to secure bail, Keefe D faced another denial as the judge questioned the source of the funds for his proposed $750,000 bond. The court expressed skepticism over the origins of the money, particularly in light of claims that it may have been raised in exchange for an interview with the suspect.

As Keefe D continues to battle health challenges and navigate legal proceedings, his case underscores the importance of adequate medical care and nutritious food for individuals in custody. The ongoing saga sheds light on the complexities of the justice system and the impact of such issues on inmates’ well-being.

Written by
Derek Chan


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