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Keke Palmer’s Ex-Boyfriend Denies Abuse Allegations, Accuses Actress’s Mother of Death Threats


Keke Palmer’s former boyfriend, Darius Jackson, is vehemently denying the domestic abuse allegations made against him by the actress. Palmer recently obtained a temporary restraining order against Jackson, preventing him from contacting her or their infant son, citing multiple instances of abuse.

According to reports from TMZ, Jackson is countering the accusations and has turned the spotlight on Palmer’s mother, Sharon. Jackson alleges that Sharon issued a death threat during an incident on November 5, claiming she warned him to “watch out” and threatened to put “a bullet in [his] head.” TMZ obtained text messages between the mothers of both parties, revealing a heated exchange over the alleged threat.

In the messages, Jackson’s mother expressed concern, saying, “I heard that you are going to put a bullet in my son’s head???” and threatened to involve the authorities. Sharon responded, urging Jackson’s mother to address her son’s alleged anger issues and highlighting his actions, including an incident where he allegedly choked his own sister.

Palmer’s petition for the restraining order detailed a series of incidents, including one captured on security cameras where Jackson reportedly lunged at her, grabbed her neck and face, and stole her phone before fleeing the house. Another incident from 2022 was described where Jackson allegedly slammed Palmer on the floor and physically assaulted her.

The court is set to hold a hearing on December 5 to determine whether the temporary restraining order will be made permanent. The ongoing legal battle sheds light on a tumultuous situation involving accusations of abuse and counterclaims, bringing attention to the complex dynamics between Palmer, Jackson, and their families.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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