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Keke Palmer’s Mother Admits Fabricating Usher ‘Gay’ Claim to Protect Daughter Amid Abuse Allegations


In a recent turn of events, Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, has confessed to concocting the claim that Usher is “gay.” The shocking revelation comes after an alleged phone call between Sharon and her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, surfaced online amid reports of Jackson’s alleged abuse towards Keke.

During the contentious conversation, Sharon berated Jackson for his alleged harassment of Keke, using derogatory language and making the unfounded statement about Usher’s sexuality. She later clarified on Instagram that she had lied about Usher’s sexual orientation as a desperate measure to ensure her daughter’s safety in the face of Jackson’s alleged abuse.

“The lie I told about Usher was to get Darius to stop abusing my daughter on account of his jealousy,” she explained in a comment on The Neighborhood Talk’s page. “So I said he didn’t like women for her SAFETY.”

Keke Palmer had recently come forward with allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Darius Jackson, with whom she shares a son named Leodis. The abuse reportedly occurred throughout their two-year relationship, which ended in October. Palmer further claimed that Jackson continued his pattern of abuse even after the breakup, leading to a temporary restraining order against him and sole custody of their child.

Despite the serious allegations, Jackson has denied the accusations and countered with claims against Keke Palmer’s mother, accusing her of making threats against him, including threatening to put a bullet in his head. The situation continues to unfold as both parties navigate legal proceedings, with a hearing scheduled for early December to determine the fate of the restraining order.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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