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Keke Palmer’s Mother Unleashes Fiery Tirade in Leaked Audio Amid Legal Battle


A leaked audio file featuring actress Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, berating Darius Jackson, the father of Keke’s child, has surfaced, revealing a heated and intense exchange between the two parties. The nearly 8-minute conversation captures Sharon’s frustration and anger, targeting Darius for allegedly harassing her daughter and leveling harsh words at his family members.

Sharon Palmer recently claimed she was “illegally” recorded, responding to accusations from Darius Jackson, who alleged threats involving a bullet to the head. The leaked audio now adds another layer to the already public legal dispute between Keke Palmer and Darius, where Keke has accused him of abusive behavior throughout their two-year relationship.

In the leaked conversation, Sharon doesn’t hold back, criticizing Darius on various fronts, including his acting career and personal life. The exchange starts with Darius attempting to shame Sharon for supposedly sacrificing Keke’s childhood for a career, to which Sharon vehemently responds, accusing Darius’s mother of negatively influencing him.

As Darius claims he tried to leave Keke, who allegedly kept returning, Keke intervenes, urging Darius to seek help, emphasizing that his behavior indicates a chemical imbalance. Sharon returns to the conversation, hurling insults and questioning Darius’s intelligence, particularly regarding his anger over the Keke/Usher situation. Darius had previously criticized Keke’s outfit at Usher’s Vegas Residency concert.

Sharon doesn’t stop there; she takes aim at Darius’s brother, Sarunas Jackson, citing negative reports and reputation in Hollywood. She alleges that Sarunas is considered a “f*ck boy” and an “a**hole” with a tarnished reputation. Sharon concludes her tirade with a scathing threat, expressing her disapproval of Darius’s behavior and questioning Keke’s decision to allow him access to their child.

The leaked audio provides a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the ongoing conflict between Keke Palmer, her family, and Darius Jackson, adding further drama to an already contentious legal battle. The intensity of the conversation reflects the emotional toll of a highly publicized dispute, leaving observers to wonder about the future developments in this celebrity saga.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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