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Kerry Washington’s Struggles with Quitting Acting: The Unending Temptation


Kerry Washington, the accomplished actress known for her roles in Scandal and beyond, has unveiled a recurring theme in her career—her persistent desire to abandon acting. In a candid interview with W Magazine, Washington candidly revealed her ongoing struggle with contemplating an exit from the industry she has thrived in.

Despite her impressive track record, the 46-year-old star admitted, ‘I am always quitting this business, and then right when I decide that I’m done is when something extraordinary comes across my desk.’ In a lighthearted tone, she recounted several instances when she was on the brink of calling it quits, only to be captivated by compelling scripts that pulled her back in.

Washington humorously recounted, ‘I was really, really done with this business right before I read the script for Ray. I was really, really done with this business right before I read the script for The Last King of Scotland. I was entirely done with this business before reading the script for Scandal.’

This pattern of wavering commitment has been a constant in her career, as exemplified by her recent involvement in the Hulu series UnPrisoned. The project lured Washington back with its intriguing premise, casting her as a relationship therapist navigating complex family dynamics.

In addition to her acting pursuits, Washington is set to unveil another facet of her creativity with the release of her memoir, Thicker Than Water. After dedicating four years to its creation, she announced a book tour that commences in the Bronx, her hometown, on September 23rd.

While her achievements are undeniable, including an Emmy Award and her inclusion in the Hollywood Walk of Fame 2024 class, Washington’s internal struggle with stepping away from acting paints a nuanced portrait of an artist torn between her passions and the allure of new beginnings.

As the saga of her career continues, Washington remains a symbol of both determination and vulnerability, illustrating that even established stars grapple with the perennial question of what lies beyond the spotlight.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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