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Kevin Hart Faces $12 Million Lawsuit Over Sex Tape Scandal Fallout


Comedian Kevin Hart is embroiled in a $12 million lawsuit filed by his former friend Jonathan “J.T.” Jackson, alleging breach of contract in relation to Hart’s handling of the aftermath of a sex tape scandal involving the actor. Jackson claims that Hart failed to uphold their agreement on the wording to be used in addressing the controversy, resulting in damage to Jackson’s career and reputation.

The lawsuit stems from a 2021 settlement agreement between Hart and Jackson, where Hart was obligated to publicly acknowledge that charges against Jackson were dismissed and that he was cleared of any involvement in the extortion attempt linked to the sex tape scandal. Additionally, Hart was supposed to mention how the scandal had affected their friendship.

However, according to Jackson, Hart’s statement fell short of the agreed-upon language, failing to provide the explicit exoneration Jackson sought. The lawsuit asserts that Hart’s deviation from the specified wording undermined Jackson’s efforts to repair his tarnished reputation and inflicted emotional distress on him.

Jackson is seeking $12 million in damages, citing breach of contract, fraud, and intentional infliction of emotional distress in his legal action against Hart. He aims to restore his reputation, hold Hart accountable, and prevent similar injustices from befalling others in similar situations.

As the legal battle unfolds, the lawsuit sheds light on the complexities and consequences of navigating high-profile scandals and the importance of honoring contractual agreements in such sensitive matters.

Written by
Derek Chan


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