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Kevin Hart Faces Backlash for Controversial Comments on Financial Literacy and the Hood


Comedian and entertainment mogul Kevin Hart finds himself in the midst of controversy once again, this time over remarks made during a 2021 appearance at the 10X Growth Conference, hosted by Grant Cardone. In a video clip that recently resurfaced online, Hart discussed the issue of financial literacy in low-income communities and made statements some have deemed offensive and out of touch.

During his conversation with Cardone, Hart addressed the presence of liquor stores and check-cashing places in disadvantaged neighborhoods. He suggested that these businesses thrive because, in his view, the people living in these areas lack the intelligence to open bank accounts. Hart’s comments raised eyebrows and led to accusations of him perpetuating stereotypes about impoverished communities.

Hart’s assertion continued, stating that easy access to cash and discouraging credit use are methods employed to keep the poor in poverty. While his intentions may have been to discuss the systemic issues surrounding financial literacy and access to banking services, his choice of words drew sharp criticism.

Critics on social media were quick to respond, with one user accusing Hart of having a “I forgot where I came from” moment and failing to acknowledge the complexity of the issue. Others argued that it is not residents of these communities who are responsible for the proliferation of liquor stores and payday loan establishments. Some also questioned Hart’s own involvement in the alcohol industry, given his comments about liquor stores.

Hart, whose net worth is estimated at around $450 million, is no stranger to controversy stemming from his remarks. In the past, he faced backlash for jokes that some perceived as offensive and derogatory. However, this incident does not involve humor but touches on a serious issue affecting marginalized communities.

Despite the criticism, Hart’s career continues to soar. He is a co-founder of Hartbeat, a multimedia entertainment company with an estimated valuation of $650 million. In 2022, he ventured into the tequila business with the launch of Gran Coramino, a brand that has been backed by cinematic marketing campaigns and philanthropic efforts.

Gran Coramino’s campaign positions the brand as a symbol of hard work and dedication, aligning with Hart’s own story of success. Notably, the brand donates a portion of its sales to support entrepreneurs in the United States and Mexico.

As this controversy unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding discussions of financial literacy, poverty, and opportunity, and the importance of addressing these issues with sensitivity and nuance.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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