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Legal Drama Unfolds: Draya Michele Sues Tyrod Taylor Over House Deal Dispute


Model and entrepreneur Draya Michele has taken legal action against her ex-boyfriend, NFL quarterback Tyrod Taylor, alleging that he reneged on a real estate agreement involving a Los Angeles-area home. In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, the 39-year-old claims that Taylor initially purchased the property in August 2022 and allowed her and her children to move in under the understanding that she could eventually buy it from him.

According to Draya, she and Taylor had a verbal agreement that her contributions to the property, including improvements and mortgage payments, would be credited towards the final purchase price if she decided to acquire the home. Despite their relationship status at the time, they did not formalize the arrangement in a written contract.

In January 2024, Draya offered $2.8 million for the house, which Taylor countered at $3.2 million. She accepted the revised price and proceeded to invest close to $300,000 in upgrades to the residence, believing that these expenses would be deducted from the agreed purchase amount.

However, Draya claims that Taylor unexpectedly changed course and is now threatening to evict her while refusing to sell her the property as previously discussed. In response to these actions, she has filed a lawsuit citing breach of contract among other allegations and is seeking unspecified damages.

Draya and Taylor’s romantic relationship reportedly began in 2020 but ended in 2023. Draya is currently in a relationship with NBA star Jalen Green, with whom she recently welcomed a child. The legal dispute between Draya and Taylor adds a layer of complexity to their past relationship and underscores the importance of formalizing agreements, especially in matters of significant financial transactions.

Written by
Derek Chan


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