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LeVar Burton Set to Host and Produce TV Adaptation of Trivial Pursuit


Entertainment icon LeVar Burton is on the cusp of finalizing a significant deal that will see him as the host and executive producer of a television adaptation of the immensely popular board game Trivial Pursuit. The 66-year-old star, known for his roles in “Reading Rainbow” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” is poised to bring his charismatic presence and expertise to the show’s format.

Having previously made waves as a contender to host “Jeopardy!” following the passing of Alex Trebek, Burton’s involvement in this new project signifies his continued commitment to engaging and informative entertainment. This Trivial Pursuit adaptation will not only feature Burton as the host but also mark his role as an executive producer. The deal is expected to be carried out through his production company, LeVar Burton Entertainment, in collaboration with eOne.

While the agreement is in its final stages, industry insiders have revealed that the show’s concept has already garnered significant interest. Sources suggest that the production of 12 episodes has been ordered, offering a glimpse into the confidence surrounding the project. The adaptation has also captured the attention of Hasbro, the company that holds the rights to Trivial Pursuit, and their support has been instrumental in bringing Burton on board.

Reportedly, Burton’s connection to this project was forged through a belief within Hasbro that he had been unjustly overlooked during the “Jeopardy!” host search. The company envisioned Burton as a suitable host when discussions emerged about The CW’s involvement in the game show.

“Trivial Pursuit,” originally introduced in 1981 as a board game, has previously ventured into the realm of television adaptations. In 1993, Wink Martindale hosted a version on The Family Channel, and later, a syndicated iteration titled “Trivial Pursuit: America Plays” aired in 2008-2009, with appearances by Christopher Knight from “The Brady Bunch”.

As The CW explores diverse unscripted content, the decision to pursue “Trivial Pursuit” aligns with the network’s strategic intent to introduce captivating game shows to its lineup. Amid these plans, The CW’s head of unscripted programming, Heather Olander, emphasized the significance of having established intellectual property (IP) to facilitate the launch and promotion of such shows.

LeVar Burton’s potential involvement in the “Trivial Pursuit” adaptation is met with enthusiasm not only due to his wide-ranging appeal but also because of his commitment to educational and engaging programming. Having previously hosted 152 episodes of “Reading Rainbow” and poised to bring his unique perspective to this new endeavor, Burton’s partnership with Hasbro and eOne promises a fresh and exciting interpretation of the beloved game for television audiences.

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