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Lizzo Faces Lawsuit from Former Backup Dancers Alleging Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment


Popstar Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, is currently entangled in a legal battle as three of her former backup dancers have filed a lawsuit against her. The plaintiffs, named Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, accuse the singer of sexual harassment, weight-shaming, and creating a hostile work environment.

According to court documents, Lizzo allegedly pressured one dancer to touch a nude performer in a strip club during their visit to Amsterdam. She is also accused of encouraging explicit activities, such as catching dildos launched from performers’ vaginas and eating bananas protruding from performers’ vaginas.

Furthermore, Lizzo’s dance captain, Shirlene Quigley, is also facing multiple accusations in the lawsuit, including sharing lewd sexual fantasies and discussing the virginity of one of the plaintiffs while berating others for having had pre-marital sex.

The lawsuit encompasses various claims, such as hostile work environment, sexual harassment, religious harassment, racial harassment, disability discrimination, and failure to prevent or remedy harassment. Lizzo is specifically accused of disability discrimination, creating a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, and failing to address the reported issues.

The lawsuit recounts instances of alleged mistreatment towards the dancers, including weight-shaming and making inappropriate remarks about their personal relationships. It further describes situations where Lizzo allegedly organized activities without informing the dancers of the nature of the events, leading them to feel uncomfortable and coerced.

In response to the allegations, Lizzo has not yet made a public statement. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and seeks unspecified damages for the reported mistreatment and emotional distress endured by the former backup dancers.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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