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LL Cool J Weighs In on Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef”


Hip hop legend LL Cool J recently shared his thoughts on the highly publicized feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, suggesting that Drake may have made a “bad choice” by engaging in the rivalry.

In a candid conversation with Hot 97’s TT Torrez, LL Cool J, who himself was no stranger to feuds in his heyday, expressed his belief that Kendrick Lamar emerged victorious in the battle of words. Despite acknowledging the significance of the feud in hip hop culture, LL Cool J emphasized that Drake’s decision to challenge Kendrick may not have been the wisest move.

Reflecting on the impact of the feud, LL Cool J noted that both artists will leave a lasting mark on history due to their clash, with their names forever etched in the annals of hip hop lore. While praising Drake’s talent and artistry, LL Cool J credited Kendrick for his standout performance in the feud.

This is not the first time LL Cool J has shared his perspective on the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef, as he previously commended both artists for their contributions to hip hop through the spirited rivalry. Despite acknowledging Kendrick as the victor, LL Cool J highlighted Drake’s respectable showing and reassured fans of the Canadian rapper that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

In addition to offering his insights on the feud, LL Cool J is gearing up for the release of his first album in over a decade. The 56-year-old artist has teased fans with the single “Saturday Night Special,” featuring guest appearances from Rick Ross and Fat Joe. Produced by the renowned Q-Tip, the album is slated to hit shelves this fall, marking a highly anticipated return for the hip hop icon.

by Derek Chan


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