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Mariah Carey and Lee Daniels Begin Search for Actress in Singer’s TV Biopic


R&B sensation Mariah Carey and renowned director Lee Daniels are reportedly embarking on the search for the actress who will portray the legendary singer in her upcoming TV biopic. This development comes after Mariah Carey expressed her desire to direct a film based on her 2020 memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” Lee Daniels, known for his work with Carey on the critically acclaimed 2009 film “Precious,” was later chosen to produce a TV adaptation of the memoir.

It is revealed that casting for this exciting project is now underway. Mariah Carey, at 52 years old, owns the masters to all of her music, which means that her focus is not solely on finding a singer who can emulate her style. Instead, she is keen on discovering a gifted actress with a somewhat similar appearance who can authentically embody her essence on screen. Carey emphasized that the actor’s ability to convey her story through exceptional acting is paramount, as the music is readily available for them to perform.

In previous interviews, both Mariah Carey and Lee Daniels shared insights into the project. Carey expressed her perspective, highlighting the importance of selecting a remarkable actress with a suitable look and exceptional acting skills to bring her story to life. She stated, “I don’t think it’s about ‘cast the girl who sings the Mariah Carey style,’ whatever that is. It’s about casting a great actress with a somewhat similar look and just making sure the acting is there. Because we have the music—they can sing along to it.”

Lee Daniels, on the other hand, explained why he envisioned the memoir as a limited series rather than a film, believing that the scope of Mariah Carey’s story deserved a more extensive format. He remarked, “I think it’s bigger than a film…I think that if there’s so much to her thing, I think it’s an epic limited series. I think that, I think it’s as big as Aretha’s story.” Daniels expressed his excitement about exploring the complexities of Carey’s life, emphasizing that every song she has written stems from powerful and often traumatic experiences.

Mariah Carey’s memoir delves into her upbringing as a biracial child in Long Island, New York, within a dysfunctional family. The book garnered widespread acclaim and became a best-seller shortly after its release. As of now, there is no official release date for the TV series, and further details about the project remain undisclosed. Fans eagerly await updates on this highly anticipated biopic, which promises to be a compelling portrayal of one of the music industry’s most iconic figures.

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