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Michael Jackson Estate and Alleged Thief Reach Confidential Settlement


Michael Jackson’s estate has successfully resolved its legal dispute with Jeffré Phillips, a man accused of pilfering approximately $1 million worth of personal property from the late pop icon’s Carolwood estate. According to confidential legal documents obtained by TMZ, the parties have reached a settlement, sparing the need for a trial.

The terms of the settlement remain undisclosed, but it is notable that Michael Jackson’s estate had previously sought the court’s intervention to recover the allegedly stolen property.

The dispute arose when Michael’s estate asserted that Phillips, who had been romantically involved with one of Jackson’s siblings in the past, took advantage of the turmoil and sadness surrounding the singer’s passing in 2009 to abscond with numerous private and personal belongings from MJ’s Carolwood residence.

The estate further contended that Phillips intended to sell these items, prompting the estate to take legal action to prevent any such sale and recover the property, which was estimated to have a total value of approximately $1 million.

Among the alleged stolen items were laptops, iPods, hard drives, DVDs, and CDs believed to contain non-public Michael Jackson performances and unreleased concert footage. The estate also claimed that Michael’s handwritten song lyrics, cassette tapes, personal computers, framed record awards, a Michael Jackson doll, and a photo album featuring MJ on the cover were among the pilfered possessions.

Jonathan Steinsapir, counsel for the Co-Executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson, issued a statement confirming the amicable resolution of the litigation, with Phillips voluntarily returning the property to the estate. The settlement includes confidential terms, and both parties have agreed to put the dispute behind them.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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