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Model Sues Axl Rose For Sexual Harassment


In a shocking turn of events, Axl Rose, the frontman for the legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses, is facing legal action over an alleged sexual assault that dates back to 1989. Sheila Kennedy, a former Penthouse model and Pet of the Year in ’83, has filed a lawsuit against Rose, accusing him of a distressing incident during a party.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Kennedy asserts that she encountered Axl Rose at an NYC club in February 1989, eventually ending up at a private party in his hotel suite. Kennedy alleges that the party involved drug use among attendees. Initially, she claims Rose’s advances were consensual, but the situation took a dark turn when the room was allegedly cleared, leaving only Kennedy, another female model, and one of Rose’s acquaintances.

Kennedy alleges witnessing Rose engage in aggressive sexual activity with the other model before escaping to another room with Axl’s friend. However, she claims that the situation escalated negatively when Rose, in a fit of anger, expelled the other woman from the room. Kennedy asserts that Axl then discovered she was still present, allegedly dragging her by the hair back to his bed. She alleges that Rose proceeded to tie her hands with pantyhose and sexually assaulted her without consent, leaving her feeling overpowered during the incident.

The aftermath of the alleged assault has, according to Kennedy, resulted in profound trauma, causing anxiety, depression akin to PTSD, and damage to her love life. Seeking damages for the long-lasting impact on her well-being, Kennedy has now brought her detailed allegations to the legal forefront.

It’s essential to note that Kennedy had previously shared her account publicly, but this legal action marks a significant development in her pursuit of justice for the decades-old incident. As the case unfolds, it shines a spotlight on the complexities of addressing historical allegations and seeking accountability for actions that have left lasting scars on the survivor.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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