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Monyetta Shaw-Carter Opens Up About Relationship with Ne-Yo and Why They Split in 2013


In a candid interview, Monyetta Shaw-Carter, ex-fiancée of singer Ne-Yo and mother of two of his children, revealed the reasons behind their 2013 breakup. The actress, now 43, shared that during their relationship, they had engaged in threesomes. However, the situation became problematic when Ne-Yo expressed a heightened interest in such encounters.

Shaw-Carter explained, “I was like, ‘If you want that, then you don’t want me.’ I tried to keep it cute and spicy, but it wasn’t enough. But it is what it is.”

This revelation came to light during a conversation with Haus of Aaron, where Shaw-Carter also discussed her opportunity to join the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” during the show’s fifth season. However, Ne-Yo expressed concerns that it would negatively impact his career, leading her to choose family over reality television.

Despite offers to pay for their wedding, Shaw-Carter declined because she prioritized her family. She acknowledged that timing played a significant role in their relationship and career decisions.

Currently appearing in the 15th season of “RHOA,” Shaw-Carter had joined the show in 2022 as Kandi Burruss’ friend.

Regarding her relationship with Ne-Yo, she clarified that they had both participated in activities together, but it became an issue when his interest intensified. She emphasized her self-worth, derived from her loving parents, and how she ultimately realized that their paths were leading in different directions.

Shaw-Carter, who married Heath Carter in November 2021, spoke glowingly about her current husband. Meanwhile, Ne-Yo went on to marry Crystal Renay in 2016, with whom he shares three children. Their tumultuous relationship included a split in 2020, a reconciliation, and another divorce filing in August 2022, finalized in January 2023.

In a social media post in 2022, Renay accused Ne-Yo of infidelity, expressing her decision to prioritize her happiness, health, and respect. Ne-Yo has two other children with Sade Jenea, born during his marriage to Crystal Renay.

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