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Monyetta Shaw-Carter Stands Up for LGBTQ+ Community Amid Ne-Yo’s Controversial Comments


Monyetta Shaw-Carter, the mother of Ne-Yo’s eldest children, Madilyn and Mason, has expressed her disagreement with Ne-Yo’s recent comments about transgender children switching genders. The artist’s former partner stood with the LGBTQ+ community, sharing her thoughts on his viewpoint.

Ne-Yo recently sparked controversy by criticizing parents who allow their children to change genders. In response to his comments, Monyetta Shaw-Carter spoke out, clarifying that while she respects Ne-Yo’s right to his opinions, she differs from him on this matter. She emphasized that her stance aligns with the LGBTQ+ community’s values and that she is not attempting to criticize Ne-Yo as a co-parent. She stated, “Those views are his.”

Ne-Yo had previously issued an apology for any offense caused to the LGBTQ+ community due to his comments. However, he maintained that he would not backtrack on his opinion about transgender children. He emphasized his perspective in an Instagram Reel, highlighting his identity as a 43-year-old heterosexual man raising a family with five boys and two girls. Ne-Yo asserted that he is entitled to his feelings and opinions and clarified that he was answering a question candidly.

The singer-songwriter expressed his discomfort with the idea of young children making life-altering decisions and revealed his intention to educate himself on the subject. Despite the controversy, he indicated that he is unlikely to change his stance on the matter. He acknowledged the possibility of facing backlash or being “canceled” for his opinions but maintained his willingness to stand by his beliefs.

Monyetta Shaw-Carter’s response highlights the complexities of personal beliefs, public figures’ responsibilities, and the ongoing conversations surrounding transgender rights. As societal perspectives continue to evolve, the dialogue around these issues remains crucial for promoting understanding and acceptance within diverse communities.

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