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Mopreme Shakur Comments on Diddy’s Involvement in 2Pac’s Murder


Mopreme Shakur, the brother of the late rap icon 2Pac, has recently spoken out about the rumors surrounding Diddy’s alleged involvement in the murder of the legendary rapper. This comes in the wake of the arrest and charging of Duane “Keefe D” Davis in connection with 2Pac’s 1996 murder. During an appearance on The Comedy Hype News Show, Shakur shared his perspective on these long-standing speculations.

Addressing the recent developments in the case, Mopreme Shakur emphasized that he doesn’t need to take any action himself. Keefe D, the individual implicated in the murder, had mentioned Diddy’s name, and now law enforcement has a responsibility to investigate further. Shakur expressed that it feels like 2Pac is being vindicated, as many considered him to be paranoid during the tumultuous days leading up to his death. Despite any possible miscommunication, Shakur stressed that this doesn’t necessarily mean 2Pac was wrong in his concerns.

Mopreme Shakur further noted his awareness of the media interviews that played a role in Keefe D’s indictment. These interviews featured Keefe D discussing certain individuals who might have been accomplices in the case. Shakur raised the crucial question of accountability, wondering if everyone mentioned would be held responsible for their actions.

The arrest of Keefe D by Las Vegas police marked a significant development in the 27-year-old case of 2Pac’s murder. He was charged with “murder with the use of a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further or assist a criminal gang.” Notably, this was the first time charges had been brought in connection with the case. Keefe D had repeatedly mentioned Diddy in interviews related to 2Pac’s death, including a recent statement where he blamed Diddy for the downfall of the Death Row empire.

Keefe D’s comments included claims that Diddy had orchestrated events that led to the decline of both his and Suge Knight’s empires in a single night. He asserted that Diddy had pitted them against each other, a move he deemed smart. Despite these allegations, Diddy had previously avoided discussing any involvement in 2Pac’s murder, as evidenced by his 2016 interview on The Breakfast Club.

As the investigation unfolds, Mopreme Shakur’s comments have added to the intrigue surrounding the long-standing mystery of 2Pac’s tragic death, raising questions
about accountability and the potential implications of Keefe D’s statements.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Edito


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