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Nardo Wick Crew Members Surrender to Police After Assault on Fan; Rapper Distances Himself


In a recent turn of events, two members of rapper Nardo Wick’s entourage surrendered to the police in connection with the assault of a fan who had requested a photo. Zachary L. Benton, 34, and Edward A. Hamlett, 15, turned themselves in on Friday, facing charges of felony battery. The teenager also faces a firearm charge.

The victim, 20-year-old George Obregon Jr., was left in critical condition with a severe concussion and brain bleed after the brutal attack. The incident occurred outside Nardo Wick’s concert, captured on video, where Obregon was unexpectedly assaulted by members of Wick’s entourage.

While footage shows Obregon approaching the rapper for a photo, he is suddenly sucker-punched and subsequently attacked by another member of the crew. Wick can be heard instructing the assailant to “chill,” and eventually pulling him away from the victim.

The police reported that Benton punched Obregon without provocation, and the teenager joined in, delivering several more punches. The family of the victim plans to file a lawsuit, accusing Wick of non-cooperation with authorities in identifying the attackers.

Wick, in response to the incident, denied any involvement and expressed his disapproval of the assault on Instagram. He claimed to have reached out to Obregon’s family and offered assistance, stating that he was unaware of the impending attack.

While tensions rise and legal proceedings unfold, the rapper’s manager clarified that the assailants were not directly affiliated with Nardo Wick. The situation raises questions about accountability within celebrity entourages and the potential consequences of fans imitating harmful behavior inspired by public figures.

As the investigation continues, the fallout from this disturbing incident sheds light on the complex dynamics between artists, their entourages, and the responsibility they bear for their fans’ actions.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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