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Ne-Yo Voices Opposition to Children Transitioning Genders, Expresses Concerns About Parental Responsibility


In a recent interview with VladTV, singer Ne-Yo shared his thoughts on transgenderism, particularly when it comes to children transitioning genders. The artist emphasized that parents should not be allowing their kids to make such life-altering decisions and argued that minors might not fully comprehend the implications of such choices.

Ne-Yo discussed his views on parenting, expressing the belief that parents should be wiser than their children and know when to set boundaries and say no. He contended that affirming a child’s gender identity at a young age is misguided.

According to Ne-Yo, he comes from a time when gender was viewed as a binary concept, and he expressed his preference for adhering to traditional definitions of masculinity and femininity. However, he also acknowledged that individuals have the right to identify as they wish, though he drew the line at being compelled to participate in such identification.

The singer also made reference to California legislation (AB 957) currently under consideration. Although he misunderstood some aspects of the bill, it does address the issue of parental responsibilities concerning their child’s gender identity in custody disputes.

Ne-Yo’s interview has sparked discussions about the complexities of gender identity and the role of parental guidance in such matters. While some agree with his perspective, others argue that transgender children should be supported and respected in their journeys of self-discovery.

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