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NeNe Leakes’ Son Released on Bond After Felony Drug Charges


NeNe Leakes, former star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” received some welcome news as her son, Bryson Bryant, was released from Gwinnett County Jail on October 5, after being arrested three months ago on felony drug charges, including possession of fentanyl.

According to documents obtained, Bryson posted a $6,100 bond to secure his release. The charges against him included the possession of fentanyl and a misdemeanor charge of loitering/prowling. Furthermore, Bryson faced an additional charge for providing false information to law enforcement officers, as he initially claimed to be his younger brother, Brentt Leakes, at the time of his arrest.

The breakdown of Bryson’s bond amount is as follows: $1,850 for the misdemeanor loitering charge, another $1,850 for giving false information to law enforcement, and $2,400 for the possession of a scheduled II controlled substance, in this case, fentanyl.

The legal documents warn Bryson about the importance of attending his upcoming court date and the potential consequences of failure to appear. The document stated, “If you fail to appear, your bond will be forfeited, and a bench warrant will be issued for your re-arrest. It is your responsibility to keep informed about your court dates and to notify the court of any changes to your address”.

This development comes after Bryson’s previous run-ins with the law over the years. As his mother, NeNe Leakes, tried to employ a tough love approach, Bryson followed a different path that ultimately led to his arrest. While he is now out on bond, it is crucial for Bryson to abide by the law and fulfill his legal obligations to maintain his freedom.

Additionally, Bryson’s release came approximately three months ahead of the previously scheduled release date. However, officials from the jail, records department, and sheriff’s office have not provided further details regarding the reason for his early release.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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