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Neverland in Peril: Santa Barbara Fire Threatens Michael Jackson’s Former Estate


From ABC News:

Firefighters are embroiled in a grueling battle against the Lake Fire in Santa Barbara County, as the inferno swelled to nearly 19,000 acres over the weekend.

The fire broke out on Friday around 3:45 p.m. near Zaca Lake and Saint Lucia Road, with Cal Fire swiftly responding to the escalating emergency.

Despite more than 48 hours of arduous firefighting efforts, the relentless blaze has devoured 18,995 acres and remains a mere 8% contained. Over 600 firefighters are currently engaged in combatting the flames, with the support of 10 helicopters and numerous water-dropping aircraft in a united front to suppress the fire’s advance.

Among the properties imperiled by the rapidly spreading fire is the iconic Neverland Ranch, once the cherished abode of the legendary pop icon Michael Jackson. Nestled on the sprawling 2,700-acre estate at the 5000 block of Figueroa Mountain Road, Jackson held possession of the property from 1988 until his untimely passing in 2009.

The potential threat to Neverland Ranch, with its storied history and iconic status as the former residence of the King of Pop, has sparked concern and heightened the urgency of firefighting efforts in the region. As flames encroach on the estate’s grounds, memories of the lavish amusement park, exotic animals, and fairy-tale settings that once graced the property serve as a poignant reminder of the estate’s rich legacy.

Firefighters are working tirelessly to safeguard the historic estate and surrounding properties from the ravages of the Lake Fire, as the community braces for the uncertain outcomes of this fierce battle against nature’s fury. The future of Neverland Ranch hangs in the balance, a symbol of resilience and remembrance amid the unforgiving flames that threaten to engulf its hallowed grounds.

Written by
Derek Chan


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