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Obama’s Half-Brother Takes to Twitter to Criticize Him Amidst New Controversy


Barack Obama’s African half-brother, Malik Obama, has once again turned to Twitter to criticize his famous sibling, adding to a longstanding pattern of public disapproval. Their strained relationship became evident after Barack became president and distanced himself from Malik. This weekend, Malik’s tweet referred to Barack as a “snake,” showcasing the ongoing familial discord.

Malik’s criticism coincides with a recent scandal involving Barack, where a former friend and biographer accused him of grappling with secret homosexual desires. Allegedly, Barack confided in an ex-girlfriend about having dreams related to intimate encounters with men.

Interestingly, Malik has been voicing concerns about Barack’s sexuality for years. In a deleted tweet from last year, Malik responded to Barack’s advocacy for LGBTQ-themed books in school libraries by implying that his half-sibling is gay. The tweet was prompted by a letter from Barack denouncing the removal of controversial books from children’s libraries, including one with explicit depictions of homosexual activities.

The complex relationship between the Obama brothers, punctuated by public confrontations, adds intrigue to Barack’s recent scandal. Malik’s candid criticisms on social media offer a glimpse into their private conflicts, raising questions about the extent to which personal family matters can influence public perceptions of a prominent figure.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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