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Offset Laughs Off Threats From Nicki Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Petty


The rap world is no stranger to feuds and public disputes, and the latest chapter involves Offset, a member of the iconic rap trio Migos, and Kenneth Petty, husband of rap superstar Nicki Minaj. The tension between these hip-hop figures has recently escalated, drawing attention from fans and followers across social media platforms.

In a viral video, Kenneth Petty and his friends are seen confronting Offset on a seemingly deserted street in New York City. Petty, flanked by his entourage, repeatedly shouts for Offset, challenging him with boasts of street dominance and crude language. The incident supposedly took place near the location where Offset and his wife, Cardi B, were staying, but neither of them emerged to engage with Petty’s crew.

Offset’s response to this public altercation was unexpected. Rather than firing back with aggression, he took to social media with a lighthearted, dismissive tone. Exiting a private jet, he chuckled while referring to Petty and his friends as “broke.” This reaction sparked a frenzy among fans, who quickly weighed in on the feud and its implications.

Social media erupted with reactions to the video and Offset’s response. Some took issue with Petty’s behavior, condemning him as a “broke 45-year-old sexual predator and gang member.” Others found humor in the situation, with one fan quipping, “Imagine driving by and seeing them scream into a phone.”

Rumors have swirled that this beef between Petty and Offset may have been triggered by a direct message (DM) that Offset allegedly sent to Nicki Minaj’s team following her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). However, these claims remain unverified, leaving fans curious about the true catalyst of the feud.

This feud also highlights the long-standing rivalry between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, which dates back to 2018. Since then, the two artists have periodically reignited and de-escalated their feud. Rapper 50 Cent weighed in on the situation, describing Nicki Minaj as fiercely competitive and expressing admiration for Cardi B’s rapid ascent from humble beginnings. He suggested that Nicki Minaj would continue to scrutinize any new female artists entering the hip-hop scene.

In an era where social media plays a central role in shaping narratives and fueling public disputes, the online feud between Petty and Offset is the latest chapter in the complex world of rap rivalries. As fans await further developments, it’s clear that this feud has added another layer of intrigue to the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape.

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