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Priscilla Rainey Continues Legal Battle for $7 Million Against The Game


Priscilla Rainey is persisting in her quest to claim the $7 million she was awarded in her sexual assault lawsuit against rapper The Game. Despite winning the case in 2016, Rainey has reportedly only received half a million dollars of the total sum owed to her. The legal dispute dates back to 2015 when Rainey accused The Game of physically violating her during the filming of his VH1 dating show, ‘She’s Got Game.’ Allegedly, the Compton rapper, in a highly intoxicated state, made unwanted advances, including reaching under Rainey’s dress.

In 2016, Rainey secured a judgment of $7,130,100 against The Game. Despite attempts to retrieve the full amount, Rainey was granted ownership of The Game’s independent label Prolific Records and royalties from his album ‘Born 2 Rap’ in 2020. However, The Game’s manager, Wack 100, contested the claims, asserting ownership of all royalties from the mentioned album.

Facing challenges in collecting the judgment, Rainey pursued legal action in 2021, seeking to seize profits from The Game’s alleged “shell companies” alongside Wack 100. These companies, including JTT Holdings, F12 & Associates, 5th Amendment Entertainment, and Pass Go 2 Win LLC, were accused of being part of a fraudulent scheme to conceal assets and evade payment.

Rainey’s recent filings reveal that, despite years of litigation, she has received only $500,000 of the owed $7,130,100. The documents claim that The Game and Wack 100 conspired to transfer and conceal assets through shell companies, as indicated by various social media posts where they allegedly expressed their intent not to pay the judgment. The ongoing legal saga sheds light on the complexities of collecting judgments in high-profile cases and underscores the challenges faced by individuals seeking compensation from public figures.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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