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Quavo Detained on Miami Yacht Amid Alleged Threats to Captain, No Arrests Made


Rapper Quavo found himself in a tense situation aboard a yacht in Miami when an incident involving two men allegedly threatening the boat’s captain unfolded. Video footage obtained by TMZ shows Quavo in handcuffs with zip ties, interacting with police officers during the incident. However, no arrests were made, and the Migos rapper was not listed as a witness or mentioned in the police report narrative.

According to reports, Miami police responded to a 911 call about a potential strong-armed robbery on the yacht. Witnesses on the boat claimed that two men became aggressive with the captain, demanding a refund as the rental time neared its end. The situation escalated, with one of the men allegedly threatening to harm the captain and throw him off the yacht if he turned the boat around.

Conflicting statements were given by those on the yacht, with one crew member alleging that a man took the captain’s wallet and cell phone. Police also found two firearms on the boat, although they were not reportedly used in any of the alleged threats.

During the incident, Quavo was briefly detained by police, but his attorney clarified that he was not arrested and was not involved in the dispute. Ultimately, no one on the yacht faced charges related to the incident.

As details continue to emerge, the incident on the Miami River serves as a reminder of the complexities and tensions that can arise in high-stress situations, even involving well-known personalities like Quavo.

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Written by :
Dana Sterling-Editor


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