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Rapper Fat Joe Triumphs Over Beating Obesity and Depression, Shedding 200lbs and Embracing Happiness


In a remarkable transformation, rapper Fat Joe has shared his inspiring journey of shedding a staggering 200lbs, leading to newfound physical and mental well-being. Previously weighing 470lbs, the Lean Back artist has not only conquered his battle with obesity but has also experienced significant improvements in managing his diabetes.

Fat Joe embarked on his quest for a healthier lifestyle and mindset over two decades ago, initially sparked by the untimely passing of his friend and fellow rapper, Big Pun, from a heart attack at the age of 29 in 2000. However, it was only recently that he made substantial progress in his weight loss journey.

Reflecting on Big Pun’s funeral, Fat Joe expressed a profound realization, comparing himself to Ebenezer Scrooge and recognizing the importance of his own health. Witnessing Big Pun’s young daughter, who mirrored the age of his own child, served as a wake-up call. “You gotta lose weight; otherwise, you outta here,” he declared in an interview with Men’s Health.

The topic of a potential name change arose, considering that the adjective “fat” no longer aligned with his physical appearance. While briefly contemplating alternatives like Slim Joe, the rapper ultimately decided against it. Fat Joe recognized the significance of his existing stage name as a brand he had built over time, despite his newfound dedication to health consciousness.

Beyond his physical transformation, Fat Joe also opened up about his lifelong battle with depression, describing his mind as “The most complex Rubik’s Cube you could ever, ever, ever, ever try to figure out.” Acknowledging the constant internal struggle, he revealed the challenges of fighting against one’s own mind, where happiness often seemed elusive.

Understanding the impact of different food types on his body, Fat Joe unraveled a key to combating his depression. Recognizing that his parents had cooked with lard and consumed whole milk, he grasped how his body processed various foods. Treating the body as a computer, he emphasized the importance of mindful eating.

With his weight under control, Fat Joe no longer needed insulin injections, a routine he had maintained since being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 12. Overcoming a period of intense depression, he discovered the significance of avoiding triggers and actively pursuing happiness. He shared his realization that “the minute I feel unhappy, I go toward happy.”

A heartfelt conversation with one of his drivers, who admired Fat Joe’s previous larger persona, played a pivotal role in solidifying his commitment to his own journey. Realizing the impact he had on others, Fat Joe embraced his transformation, understanding that his influence extended far beyond his physical appearance.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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