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Ross’ Drink Defense: Vancouver Vendetta


After a fiery altercation following his show in Vancouver, Rick Ross has finally addressed the speculations surrounding the scuffle. Despite appearing to receive a blow to the face during the brawl, the MMG mogul insists that the incident was blown out of proportion.

Setting the record straight, Ross revealed that he stood his ground and confronted the instigator, dissuading him from escalating the situation any further. Admitting to being struck during the chaos, Ross clarified that it was a drink that made contact with him, not a fist.

In a video shared on his Instagram Stories on Thursday, Rick Ross recounted the events of the Vancouver altercation, emphasizing his assertive response to the confrontation. Refusing to back down, Ross stared down his adversary and issued a stern warning, causing the individual to retreat meekly.

Addressing the alleged MMA enthusiast who purportedly struck him, Ross maintained that he was only hit with a drink, dismissing claims of a physical altercation. Refusing to entertain the idea that he was punched, Ross highlighted the perceived disrespect of being doused with a beverage instead.

Earlier in the week, Rick Ross took to Instagram to debunk allegations that he was concealing an injury sustained during the brawl, responding to critics who questioned his post-brawl appearance, including his ex-partner, Tia Kemp.

Written by
Derek Chan


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