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Russell Simmons Declares Unconditional Love for His Daughters Amid Family Drama


Russell Simmons, the music mogul and self-help guru, has taken to Twitter to express his unwavering love for his daughters and their mother, Kimora Lee Simmons, despite recent family disputes. In a heartfelt tweet posted on Thursday (September 14), Simmons shared his deep sentiments, stating, “There is absolutely no way for me to unlove my daughters or their mother for that matter. I love my daughters unconditionally and that will never change.”

This declaration of love comes in the midst of a family feud that played out publicly on social media. Last month, Simmons had a highly publicized dispute with his daughters and ex-wife on Father’s Day. It began when he took issue with his eldest daughter, Ming, wishing Kimora a Happy Father’s Day on Instagram. The online clash escalated from there.

Simmons later posted a meme on his Instagram story that read, “Stop telling fathers they should have fought harder to see their children and start asking mothers why he had to fight at all.” This prompted Kimora to respond with an Instagram Live session in which she addressed her ex-husband’s behavior. Their youngest daughter, Aoki, also joined the fray, sharing messages and videos that seemed to suggest Simmons may be experiencing mental health issues. She expressed concern about his actions and described his behavior as threatening.

Aoki revealed her family’s efforts to repair their relationship with Simmons and expressed a belief that he might need professional help. She stated, “My father is not well, for years, he needs help and won’t accept that he refuses to acknowledge he is not himself.”

Russell Simmons has generally kept a low profile since 2020 when sexual assault allegations against him came to light. These allegations were featured in the HBO Max documentary “On The Record,” which shared the stories of several women who accused him of sexual assault. Simmons has consistently denied these allegations and attempted to present evidence of his innocence, even providing Oprah Winfrey with a list of people who could support his claims, although she ultimately withdrew from involvement in the documentary’s production.

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