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Russell Simmons Extends Olive Branch to Daughter Ming Amidst Family Feud: A Glimpse of Reconciliation


Music mogul Russell Simmons appears to be making an effort to mend his strained relationship with his daughter Ming, following a highly publicized family feud.

In a recent Instagram post on Monday (August 14), Simmons shared what many are interpreting as a gesture of reconciliation – an older video featuring himself and Ming during happier times.

Captioning the heartwarming clip, Simmons wrote, “When Times are tough smile and breathe keep your head up yogis. Gods got you again like he had u last time.”

The video, reflecting a more harmonious moment between the father and daughter, can be viewed below.

The co-founder of Def Jam Recordings found himself embroiled in a heated online dispute with his daughters and ex-wife Kimora Lee on Father’s Day back in June. The conflict was sparked when Simmons took issue with his eldest daughter Ming publicly wishing Kimora a Happy Father’s Day on Instagram.

This disagreement escalated into a social media storm, with Simmons posting a pointed meme on his story that questioned the role of mothers in fathers’ relationships with their children.

Kimora responded with an Instagram Live session in which she openly discussed the ongoing tension between them. The Baby Phat founder revealed that Simmons had been blocked by her on social media for some time, yet he continued to portray a close relationship on his own accounts. Aoki, the couple’s youngest daughter, also chimed in, sharing less-than-pleasant interactions with her father, including a video where he seemed to be agitated during a FaceTime call.

Aoki expressed concern over her father’s mental well-being and behavior, detailing instances of alleged harassment and intimidation directed towards her and other family members. She conveyed her belief that Simmons may be struggling with mental health issues and emphasized the need for him to seek help.

Simmons has faced serious allegations in the past, including accusations of sexual assault, which came to public attention in 2020. The documentary “On The Record” featured several women, including Drew Dixon, who shared their stories of alleged assault by Simmons. He has consistently denied these allegations and attempted to present his side of the story to Oprah Winfrey, who was initially involved in the documentary’s production.

While Simmons’ legal battles and personal struggles have cast a shadow over his reputation, his recent attempt to bridge the gap with his daughter Ming signals a potential step towards healing the fractures within his family.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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