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Samuel L. Jackson Takes the Helm in Hilarious Warburtons Ad Campaign


The iconic Hollywood actor, Samuel L. Jackson, has joined the roster of A-list celebrities featured in UK bakery brand Warburtons’ ad campaigns. In a new two-minute advertisement, Jackson, known for his roles in films like Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained, steps into the role of Warburtons’ chairman, Jonathan Warburton, in a comical twist. The ad celebrates Warburtons’ commitment to quality bread and features Jackson humorously defending the superiority of Warburtons’ Toastie loaf. This campaign follows in the footsteps of other legendary actors like Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, and George Clooney, who have previously worked with the brand.

The advert opens in Warburtons’ Bolton-based headquarters, where Jackson, as “Jonathan Warburton,” surprises his assistant by taking over the chairman’s office. In a witty response to a bread lover’s query about the similarity between Warburtons’ Toastie loaf and its rivals, Jackson passionately defends the brand’s quality, exclaiming, “I GIVE! And hell hath no fury like a baker scorned, Steve.” The ad showcases the meticulous process that goes into creating the perfect Toastie loaf, from testing for softness to bounce-back-ability.

The climax of the ad sees Jackson showing up at a customer’s doorstep during breakfast, swapping their “Warburtons wannabe” toast for the genuine Warburtons Toastie. The humorous advertisement is a testament to Warburtons’ dedication to quality and freshness, emphasizing its commitment to delivering the best bread to customers.

Speaking about his role in the ad, Samuel L. Jackson expressed his pleasure at working with the chairman of Britain’s largest family bakery. He also mentioned the honor of following in the footsteps of Hollywood stars George Clooney and Robert De Niro, who have previously collaborated with Warburtons. Jackson added that he had a lot of fun on set and hoped that people would enjoy both the ad and the Toastie Loaf.

Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, welcomed Samuel L. Jackson to the brand and praised his commanding yet charming presence in the campaign. He highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality, emphasizing that quality has always been at the core of their fifth-generation family-run business. Warburton added that inviting Samuel L. Jackson into the business was a memorable experience and expressed hope that the ad would bring light-hearted humor to viewers while reminding them of the superior quality of Warburtons’ products.

Warburtons, established in 1876, is a fifth-generation family-run business and the UK’s number one brand in the bakery sector. With a presence across the UK, including 11 bakeries and 16 depots, the brand delivers two million products daily with a fleet of nearly 1,000 vehicles, maintaining its commitment to quality and freshness for over 147 years. Samuel L. Jackson’s involvement adds a humorous twist to the brand’s dedication to delivering the best bread to customers across the nation.

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