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Sonja Norwood Clarifies Hospital Incident: A Scare with Home IV Drip


Contrary to initial reports, Sonja Norwood, the mother and manager of Ray J and Brandy, found herself in a medical emergency due to a negative reaction to a home IV drip. We have recently learned the details of the situation.

Sonja decided to explore the health and wellness trend of IV therapy, which delivers essential vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, a practice popular among celebrities. However, the experience took a frightening turn when she began to feel lightheaded during the IV treatment.

The sudden onset of rapid breathing led to concern among her family, including Ray J, and they decided to call an ambulance for her. Sonja was then evaluated at the hospital, where she ultimately recovered.

The IV therapy she received included a combination of vitamins C and B, along with calcium and magnesium, aiming to enhance the immune system. Although the treatment can be beneficial, it also carries potential side effects like infection, rashes, blood clots, air embolism, and more.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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