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Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey Embroiled in Cheating Scandal: Baseless Claims Spread Online


Renowned comedian and television host Steve Harvey, along with his wife Marjorie Harvey, has found themselves entangled in a scandalous rumor, propagated by podcaster Tasha K, who claimed to have “information” about Steve cheating on his wife with their private chef. However, reputable sources and close acquaintances of the couple have vehemently refuted these allegations, with Media Take Out finding no validity to the claims.

Tasha K, known for her entertaining podcast, has faced past controversies for spreading false stories about celebrities, including a lawsuit brought against her by hip hop star Cardi B. During the lawsuit, Tasha admitted to fabricating stories about Cardi, highlighting the unreliable nature of her claims.

Despite the absence of concrete evidence supporting the alleged affair between Steve and the private chef, Tasha’s words have spread like wildfire across social media, causing the couple to become trending topics on Twitter. The unverified claims have sparked discussions and speculations among online users.

However, individuals close to both Steve and the private chef have asserted that the relationship between the two is strictly professional, devoid of any romantic involvement. Media Take Out’s investigation also reinforces this stance, with sources close to the couple confirming that the allegations hold no truth.

One individual close to Steve even directly refuted the claims, stating, “No, it’s NOT true. Zero percent chance. She’s lying on them.” This collective denial underscores the baselessness of the allegations.

As the rumors continue to circulate, Steve may be compelled to address the situation publicly to set the record straight. On the other hand, Tasha K might face legal consequences if her claims are proven to be unfounded, potentially leading her back to court.

It is crucial to remember that without substantial evidence, rumors should be treated with caution and skepticism. While social media may fuel discussions, the integrity of individuals involved should not be tarnished without credible proof. As the situation unfolds, Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey’s reputation remains intact, as they focus on maintaining their personal and professional lives with grace and dignity.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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