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Suge Knight Makes Shocking Allegations Against Akon on New Podcast


Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight has made explosive allegations against singer Akon, revealing deeply disturbing claims about their past issues during a podcast interview with Dave Mays, the founder of The Source magazine. Knight’s new podcast, “Collect Call,” released via Mays’ Breakbeat Media, delves into these shocking allegations and the alleged incident that sparked his long-standing feud with Akon.

According to Suge Knight, his dispute with the “Smack That” singer wasn’t rooted in financial matters, as previously believed. Instead, Knight claims that the conflict originated from a horrifying incident where Akon and his longtime producer, Detail, were allegedly involved in the sexual assault of a 13-year-old sister of one of Knight’s associates and her 12-year-old friend.

Knight addressed Akon directly during the podcast, recounting the incident as follows: “I wasn’t going to bring it up. One of my homegirls, she had a little sister — 13 years old. And her best friend was 12 years old. She’s in the car with him. You and Detail call her Suge’s homegirl. And she said, ‘I got my little sister and her best friend with me”.

The shocking narrative continues with Suge Knight describing that the girls were invited to Akon and Detail’s hotel room, where the distressing events unfolded. Knight explained, “You, Akon, said, ‘Go ahead. You can leave your little sister and her friend right here. We can order them something to eat'”.

The account becomes deeply disturbing as Knight details the alleged events: “She comes back in about 35 minutes. When she gets back in the car with them, they tell her, ‘Akon, you fucked the little girl, 13 — Detail fucked the little girl, 12 years old. Y’all raped them”.

Suge Knight claims that he was informed about this traumatic incident and intended to confront Akon and Detail. He stated, “So when she told me, I pulled up on her, and she said she’s going to the police to put you muthafuckas in jail for rape. I said, ‘Nah, we don’t do that, telling to the police. I’ll deal with it. I promise you that.'” HipHopDX has reached out to both Akon and Detail for their responses to Suge Knight’s shocking allegations.

In the past, Akon had asserted that his feud with Suge Knight was related to financial issues. The two were involved in a physical altercation in 2009 during a party in Scottsdale, AZ, which resulted in criminal charges against one of Akon’s associates at the time. It’s important to note that Detail, Akon’s producer, faced unrelated sexual assault charges in 2020, not connected to the allegations made by Suge Knight.

Suge Knight also shared another incident involving Akon outside a recording studio, suggesting that his feud with the artist revolved around Knight’s desire to address what happened to his associate’s sister.

The shocking claims made by Suge Knight have raised significant questions, and the legal and public response to these allegations is yet to unfold. Collect Call, Suge Knight’s podcast, offers a platform for him to share his perspective on these troubling events. A visual version of the podcast featuring custom illustrations is set to be released, further enhancing the impact of this startling narrative.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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