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Suge Knight Makes Startling Claims on Death Row Artists: Jewell’s Alleged Crime and the Unsung Hero Behind 2Pac’s Freedom


In a recent episode of “Collect Call With Suge Knight,” the notorious rap mogul, Suge Knight, has once again dropped bombshell revelations that are sure to reshape the public’s perception of his past associates. During the podcast, Knight delved into the topic of his involvement with the “First Lady of Death Row Records,” Jewell, making shocking allegations that she was implicated in a man’s death.

Knight began by highlighting the extensive support he provided to Jewell, emphasizing that despite her not releasing any albums, he ensured her financial stability. He disclosed paying substantial amounts, including nearly $200,000 for weight-loss surgery, along with covering her monthly expenses.

Shifting the narrative to legal troubles faced by Death Row artists, Knight recounted an incident involving Nate Dogg, claiming the rapper robbed seven Taco Bells. Knight asserted that he paid half a million dollars to secure Nate Dogg from facing a lengthy prison sentence.

Returning to Jewell, Suge Knight stunned listeners with a claim that she had taken a life. According to Knight, he allegedly paid $700,000 to prevent Jewell from serving any time in prison for the alleged crime.

In the same podcast, Knight also unveiled the identity of a mysterious woman, Keisha, who played a pivotal role in securing 2Pac’s release from prison. Knight credited Keisha as the person who informed him about the need to get ‘Pac out of prison, emphasizing her instrumental role in the creation of iconic albums like “All Eyez On Me.”

This latest revelation follows Knight’s recent podcast discussions where he revisited the Snoop Dogg murder trial, making claims about helping cover up what he referred to as “the truth.”

As Suge Knight continues to share his controversial perspectives on the past, the public is left to grapple with the complexity and untold stories surrounding the influential figures of Death Row Records.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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