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Suge Knight Renews Feud with Diddy, Alleging Violence Towards Women


In the latest episode of his “Collect Call with Suge Knight” podcast, former Death Row CEO Suge Knight reignites his longstanding feud with Bad Boy mogul Diddy. Knight, currently serving a 28-year prison sentence, makes fresh allegations about Diddy’s alleged history of violence towards women. He claims that Diddy assaulted a female assistant named Capricorn because she didn’t disclose details about Cassie’s rumored involvement with Kid Cudi. Knight further alleges that an Interscope check paid her to settle, preventing legal consequences for Diddy.

During the podcast, Knight states, “What Puffy done, what Puffy did, or what Puffy do, is not a surprise — everybody know what it is. I mean, you gotta be able to do that type of shit to a woman and to other women. But it’s not like it’s new news.” He recounts the incident involving Capricorn, revealing disturbing details of the assault and subsequent settlement.

The feud between Suge Knight and Diddy dates back to the 1990s, notably culminating in Knight’s shots at Diddy during the 1995 Source Awards. The rivalry has endured over the years, with recent legal battles shedding light on the tumultuous relationship.

HipHopDX reached out to Diddy’s representatives for comment, but they declined to provide an on-the-record response.

In a recent lawsuit filed by Cassie against Diddy, it was disclosed that there was an attempt by Diddy to ambush Suge Knight. The lawsuit, containing serious allegations of rape, domestic abuse, and sex trafficking, recounted a night when Diddy’s security team informed him that Knight was nearby. The complaint detailed a disturbing incident where Diddy retrieved multiple guns and ran out of his home in pursuit of Knight, leaving Cassie terrified and in tears.

Diddy has consistently denied all allegations made by Cassie, and the lawsuit has since been settled. Despite the settlement, the legal dispute brought to light disturbing incidents from Diddy’s past. As the feud between Suge Knight and Diddy continues to unfold, the music industry watches closely, awaiting any official response from the Bad Boy mogul.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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