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Suge Knight to Launch Podcast Series from Behind Bars, Promising Raw Conversations


Not even incarceration can silence the legendary rap figure Suge Knight. Recent reports reveal that the co-founder of Death Row Records has inked a podcast deal that is set to hit the digital airwaves later this month.

The series, aptly titled “Collect Calls With Suge Knight,” is slated for a Halloween debut this year. Knight, who is serving a 28-year prison sentence, has already recorded the first five episodes of this podcast, each featuring 30-minute unfiltered conversations with the 58-year-old musician, born Marion Knight Jr. The series promises listeners an intimate look into Knight’s perspective on his historic rap rivalries and his thoughts on Snoop Dogg’s acquisition of Death Row Records. As reported previously, Snoop Dogg successfully gained ownership of Death Row Records, along with the masters of his own albums and a significant portion of the company’s catalog.

Dave Mays, the founder of The Source magazine, facilitated Suge Knight’s podcast venture, aiming to bridge the gap between younger and older generations within the hip-hop community. According to Mays, the primary objective of this podcast is to provide a trustworthy platform that offers an authentic and truthful perspective on the numerous critical issues facing the hip-hop world. Breakbeat Media, a company under the umbrella of Dave Mays, serves as the podcast’s platform. Mays expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Suge in a statement:

“As we celebrate hip-hop’s 50th year, more than ever, the hip-hop community needs a media platform that they can trust to bring a truthful and authentic perspective on so many important things happening in our world. I’m proud that Breakbeat provides this essential and valuable medium.” He continued: “And I’m so excited to be able to enlist the help of my longtime friend and one of hip-hop’s most formidable, pioneering, and fearless leaders to help Breakbeat continue to achieve this goal. ‘Collect Calls With Suge Knight’ will awaken hip-hop fans worldwide and build bridges across multiple generations”.

The podcast is expected to release new episodes weekly, offering a sneak peek of the first conversation on October 24th. In a teaser trailer for the series, Suge Knight hints at conversations with fellow artists Akon and Warren G about his time behind bars. As a refresher, Knight was sentenced to 28 years in prison after triggering California’s three-strikes law due to his involvement in a hit-and-run incident in 2015. The trailer promises that this hip-hop icon will address his incarceration, rap feuds, and other pivotal moments in his life with unparalleled candor.

Suge Knight’s podcast venture is poised to offer a unique and powerful perspective on the world of hip-hop, showcasing his experiences and insights from his formidable position behind bars.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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