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Suge Knight’s Revelations Unveil the Hidden Heroes and Controversies Behind 2Pac’s ‘California Love’


In a recent episode of “Collect Call With Suge Knight,” the former Death Row Records mogul delves into the untold story behind the creation of 2Pac’s iconic track, ‘California Love.’ Published on December 4, 2023, the episode exposes the uncelebrated heroes and controversies that shaped one of 2Pac’s biggest hits.

Knight credits DJ Quik and J-Flexx for laying the song’s foundation but reveals that it was lacking a crucial element. Seeking to add a touch of magic, he turned to funk legend Roger Troutman. In a surprising revelation, Knight discloses that he paid Troutman a whopping $350,000 to make the magic happen.

Upon Troutman’s entry into the studio, Knight handed him $50,000 in cash upfront, addressing the financial difficulties the Zapp legend was facing at the time. Understanding the importance of Troutman’s contribution, Knight didn’t hesitate to provide an additional $100,000. The funk maestro then proceeded to work his magic with the talk box, resulting in a transformative element for ‘California Love.’

To emphasize Troutman’s role, Knight reveals that an extra $200,000 was given to the legend for his appearance in the music video, solidifying the track’s success. With 2Pac contributing his verse and J-Flexx writing Dr. Dre’s part, the collaboration was complete, leading to the creation of a timeless hip-hop classic.

In a surprising twist, Knight also discusses his past actions, including defending Oprah Winfrey’s honor by assaulting individuals who spoke negatively about the media mogul. The podcast episode touches on Knight’s current 28-year prison sentence for the tragic incident where he ran over and killed Terry Carter, a consultant on the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

Despite Knight’s defense of Oprah, he highlights her complicated relationship with hip-hop, noting her reluctance to feature rappers on her show. He points out the irony of Oprah promoting Straight Outta Compton, a film he claims played a role in his legal troubles.

Suge Knight’s revelations offer a deeper understanding of the complexities and controversies surrounding the creation of ‘California Love,’ shedding light on the untold stories behind this hip-hop masterpiece.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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