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The 50 Cent Liquor Scandal Unraveled: A Tale of Betrayal, Confessions, and Legal Battles


In a shocking turn of events, one of the individuals implicated in the alleged embezzlement scheme involving 50 Cent resorted to threatening suicide rather than facing the rapper and owning up to his misdeeds.

The lawsuit filed by 50 Cent against Beam Suntory and former associates Julious Grant, Michael Caruso, and Gina Caruso seeks damages in the millions, accusing them of orchestrating a complex embezzlement operation alongside an individual named Mitchell Green, hired by 50 Cent to represent Sire Spirits. Instead of fulfilling their duties, the group purportedly deceived 50 Cent by inflating expenses and pocketing the surplus funds.

Mitchell Green has already pleaded guilty to wire fraud and awaits sentencing for his involvement in the scheme. The illicit activities came to light when Grant, dissatisfied with his cut of the profits exceeding $1 million, attempted to extort Caruso and Green for additional money.

In a dramatic turn of events, Green opted to come clean about the scam to 50 Cent’s legal team and a retired FBI agent during a conference call, prompting Caruso to confess to the theft, break down in tears, and make suicidal threats if Green exposed the truth to 50 Cent. Subsequently, Green detailed the entire scheme to FBI agents, leading to the unraveling of the elaborate deception.

Following the fallout from the scam, 50 Cent and Sire Spirits had to reassess their relationships with various stakeholders, resulting in significant harm to the liquor business. Seeking at least $6 million in damages, 50 Cent enlisted the support of civil rights attorney Ben Crump to advocate for increased minority representation in the luxury spirits industry.

In a bid to hold accountable the multibillion-dollar company Suntory Global Spirits for its alleged lack of compliance, 50 Cent met with Congressional Leaders on Capitol Hill, emphasizing the importance of fighting for justice in the face of financial exploitation.

The 50 Cent liquor scandal saga serves as a cautionary tale of betrayal, confessions, and the ongoing legal battle for justice and accountability in the high-stakes world of luxury spirits.

Written By
Derek Chan


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