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The Game Reflects on G-Unit Affiliation: “I Wanted to Get Some Bread”


In a recent interview with Vlad TV, The Game opened up about his time with G-Unit, expressing both appreciation and frustration. The Los Angeles native, while acknowledging the boost being associated with the New York-based crew provided to his career, revealed that he never received payment for his involvement. Despite not being formally signed to the label, The Game felt the financial benefits primarily went to 50 Cent, leaving him desiring more from the experience.

While acknowledging the positive impact of the association, The Game asserted his independence and ambition, stating that he believed in achieving success on his terms. He emphasized his desire to be a solo artist and achieve financial success, expressing gratitude for the experience but feeling that G-Unit was more of a pit stop on his journey rather than a necessary foundation for his career.

Despite the past tensions between The Game and 50 Cent, the two have since reconciled. Their once-bitter rivalry nearly escalated at Tim Thomas’ birthday party, as revealed by the former NBA star. Thomas shared details of the incident on the Weekend Work podcast, recounting how The Game was closely monitoring his movements, seeking a confrontation with 50 Cent. The tension reached a boiling point until Snoop Dogg’s timely arrival diffused the situation, preventing any potential violence.

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