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Tiffany Haddish Faces Defamation Lawsuit from Mother of Child Abuse Accuser


Comedian Tiffany Haddish is now facing a defamation lawsuit filed by the mother of a child abuse accuser. The civil claim was brought by Trizah Morris, who alleges that Haddish, along with fellow comic Aries Spears, defamed her after she and her children filed a lawsuit in 2022.

The initial lawsuit accused Haddish and Spears of attempting to have the children mimic sexual acts for a comedic skit. Haddish and Spears vehemently denied the allegations, leading to the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Morris claims that during her friendship with Haddish from 2011 to 2020, her minor children were “groomed and solicited” to perform in sexually inappropriate material for comic skits produced by the two comedians. Her daughter accused Haddish of making her simulate oral sex while her brother acted alongside a pedophile character, leading to allegations of child abuse.

After the original lawsuit was dismissed, Morris asserts that Haddish and Spears defamed her by accusing her of extortion. Spears allegedly referred to her as a “lying b##ch.” Morris reached out to Haddish and Spears’ lawyer, requesting a statement to refute the extortion allegations, but claims she received no satisfactory response.

Haddish reportedly made disparaging remarks about Morris during an interview with a reporter, which further fueled the legal dispute.

In response to the new lawsuit, Haddish and Spears issued a joint statement denying any involvement in the initial lawsuit against Morris and stating that her name was not mentioned in any court documents related to the matter.

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