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Tiffany Red Breaks Silence on Sean Combs Abuse Allegations in Open Letter


Singer-songwriter Tiffany Red has penned a compelling open letter addressed to Sean Combs, corroborating the abuse claims made by singer Casandra “Cassie” Ventura in her recent $30 million lawsuit against the music mogul. Despite Combs denying Ventura’s allegations, he swiftly settled the lawsuit within 24 hours. Tiffany Red, a close friend of Cassie’s, vividly recounts a distressing incident where she felt “helpless and scared” watching Combs verbally attack Ventura at her album release party. Red, who had been silently supporting Ventura for years, is now breaking her silence to share her traumatic experience and to encourage others to speak out.

In the open letter published on Rollingstone.com, Red describes an incident during Ventura’s second album release party, where an enraged Combs demanded Ventura leave with him. Red, feeling disturbed by the encounter, later discovered the alleged abuse Ventura endured that night. Having been Ventura’s manager since 2019, Red hopes that her public revelation will provide her with some measure of protection, especially as she fears for her safety due to allusions made in Ventura’s lawsuit.

Recalling an encounter with Combs at a surprise party in August 2015, Red details the unsettling interaction where Combs questioned her about writing songs about him. The evening took a distressing turn when, after the party, Combs insisted on taking Ventura with him against her wishes. Red describes the scene, questioning why Ventura’s belongings were packed despite her objections. Hours later, Red was awoken by Combs shouting derogatory remarks, creating an uncomfortable and intimidating atmosphere.

The letter not only sheds light on the alleged abusive behavior but also serves as a testament to Red’s courage in standing up against the culture of silence surrounding such incidents. As the #MeToo movement continues to empower survivors, Tiffany Red’s decision to share her story adds another voice to those advocating for accountability and justice in the entertainment industry.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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