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Tina Knowles Reveals Beyoncé’s Backstage Moments and Upcoming Documentary


Even multi-Grammy Award-winning singer Beyoncé has moments where she’s a little bit “mean”…well, at least according to her mother, Tina Knowles. In a recent interview with Sherri Shepherd, Tina Knowles shed light on what it’s like for Beyoncé to undergo quick outfit changes backstage during her concerts. When asked about what Beyoncé typically does between songs, Tina Knowles humorously revealed, “Oh my God. You know we laughed about this recently because I was saying ‘Girl, you get really mean back there”.

She further explained the backstage dynamics, stating, “And I am really happy that I don’t have to be back there anymore because I used to do the quick change and she would just be — we laugh because she used to do ‘Flaws and All’ and she would say ‘I’m a [train wreck] in the morning’ and I’ll be like, ‘In the evening too’ — when that concert going”.

Tina Knowles candidly shared insights into the challenges of backstage outfit changes, “And then after we get off she’ll say ‘Mama, I’m so sorry’ and I’m like ‘I know.’ And sometimes she be crying. I was like, ‘she crying ‘cause she knows she just said some crazy stuff to us.’ But that’s the heat of the moment because you’re trying to get your shoes on, and everybody’s waiting, and you know if somebody’s messing up or they lose the shoes, then you messed up the whole show”.

In another part of the conversation, Tina Knowles discussed Beyoncé’s upcoming “Renaissance World Tour” documentary, set to premiere on December 1. She shared that the documentary would offer fans an up-close and personal look at Beyoncé’s journey and contain various personal elements. Tina expressed her excitement for the documentary, labeling it her favorite part.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour was her ninth tour, aligned with her seventh studio album, “Renaissance.” The iconic singer made history with the 56-city concert run as the highest-grossing female tour until Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” recently claimed the spot. The tour commenced on May 10 in Stockholm, Sweden, and concluded on October 1 in Kansas City, Missouri. Beyoncé continues to captivate audiences with her music and personal journey, both on and off the stage.

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