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TLM Exclusive: “Mixologist Magic: Shane Mcclean Crafts ‘Spinning Around’ Cocktail Inspired by Phoenix Rein’s Hit Song


In a harmonious blend of music and mixology, Shane Mcclean, a distinguished figure in the world of cocktail crafting, found inspiration in Phoenix Rein’s latest hit single, “Spinning Around.” The infectious melody struck a chord with Mcclean, prompting him to embark on a creative journey to translate the vibrancy of the song into a delectable drink experience.

The buzz surrounding Phoenix Rein’s chart-topping track reached new heights when acclaimed actor Terrance Howard publicly shared his enthusiasm for the song, declaring, “I just heard that song and I love it… if they got a ‘Spinning Around’ drink, I’m buying it.” Howard’s endorsement further fueled the excitement surrounding both the song and the forthcoming cocktail creation by Mcclean.

As the second-ranked mixologist on a global scale, Shane Mcclean is renowned for his innovative approach to mixology, consistently pushing boundaries and delighting taste buds with his imaginative concoctions. With a keen ear for music and a discerning palate for flavors, Mcclean saw an opportunity to merge his two passions in a unique and captivating way.

Acknowledging the synergy between music and mixology, an Orchard Sony representative expressed delight in Phoenix Rein’s musical triumph, stating, “This record is doing amazing, and we’re thrilled to be part of Phoenix Rein’s team.” The collaboration between music and mixology exemplifies the creative spirit that drives artistic expression across various realms, uniting individuals in a shared celebration of talent and innovation.

Through the creation of the “Spinning Around” cocktail, Shane Mcclean pays homage to Phoenix Rein’s musical prowess while inviting patrons to savor a sensory experience that harmonizes the essence of the song with the artistry of mixology. As music and mixology converge in a symphony of taste and sound, Mcclean creation stands as a testament to the boundless creativity that emerges when inspiration knows no bounds.

Written by
Derek Chan


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