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Tory Lanez Seeks General Population Placement in New Prison Despite Potential Risks


Tory Lanez, who is currently isolated in his prison cell, has expressed a surprising preference for being housed among the general inmate population in the new facility rather than in protective custody, according to Ceasar McDowell, a member of Tory’s legal team and the CEO of Unite the People.

Despite his celebrity status, Tory Lanez, whose appeal for bond was denied, reportedly wants to be among the common inmates. This preference stands in contrast to high-profile inmates who are often kept in protective wings for their safety. Tory’s choice, while unconventional, reflects his desire to integrate with regular inmates and access more programs and resources, including support groups.

Tory Lanez is said to have no qualms about his safety in the general population, believing that he can handle himself based on information he’s received from various sources about prison life. McDowell explained that Tory appears confident about fitting in without encountering problems.

However, one concern remains for Tory: the potential loss of contact with his loved ones due to different communication rules at North Kern State Prison compared to L.A. County Jail. Currently, Tory has limited access to external communication, with only his legal team able to call him. This situation will change after his 30-day stay in the reception center, during which his fate regarding placement within the inmate population will be determined. Tory’s legal team is actively working to reverse the bond denial in the meantime.

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