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Tristan Thompson Seeks Guardianship of Younger Brother Following Mother’s Passing


NBA star Tristan Thompson is taking on a new role as the caregiver for his younger brother, Amari Thompson, in the aftermath of their mother’s tragic death. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Tristan is petitioning the court to become the official guardian of 17-year-old Amari. This move comes after their mother, Andrea, passed away in January, leaving Tristan to assume the responsibility of caring for his sibling.

The legal documents further reveal that Amari’s father, Trevor, has been absent from his life, leaving Tristan as the closest family member capable of providing the necessary care for his younger brother. Amari has been diagnosed with several medical conditions that render him incapable of self-care, necessitating ongoing assistance with daily activities and medical appointments.

In addition to these caregiving responsibilities, Tristan is also seeking to protect Amari’s financial interests. The documents state that Amari is set to receive an inheritance of approximately $103,475 as a result of Andrea’s passing, and Tristan is committed to ensuring the safeguarding of these funds against any potential loss or harm.

The Thompson family faced a challenging period earlier this year when Andrea passed away. In the wake of her death, Khloe Kardashian and her family rallied to support Tristan, who is Khloe’s ex-partner and the father of her child. Khloe even opened her home to Tristan and Amari temporarily when Tristan encountered difficulties with his roof due to adverse weather conditions.

Tristan Thompson’s decision to seek guardianship for his younger brother underscores his commitment to providing love, care, and support during this trying time for their family.

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