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Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Keefe D Granted Bail, Released on $750,000 Bond.


The individual implicated in Tupac Shakur’s murder, Duane Davis, known as Keefe D, has the opportunity to be released from jail while awaiting trial, but only if he can secure a substantial amount of money.

Keefe D appeared in a Las Vegas court for a hearing on his potential bail release, where his legal team argued before a judge that he posed no threat to society and was not a flight risk. They sought his release from custody until the trial began.

Keefe D has been incarcerated in the Clark County jail since late September when he was indicted for Tupac’s murder—a significant development in the long-standing cold case. Keefe D has publicly claimed to have been present in the car on the night of Tupac’s fatal shooting in 1996, riding as a passenger with Suge Knight. While he suggested he was not the trigger man, he remains the only surviving individual linked to the unsolved crime, leading to his arrest.

During the hearing, Keefe D’s legal team questioned why it took law enforcement so long to apprehend him, given his known association with the Tupac murder. They emphasized his not guilty plea, asserting that his previous statements about Tupac’s murder were made for entertainment or monetary gain.

Prosecutors countered, portraying Keefe D as a cold-blooded killer who should not be released. Despite the arguments, the judge granted Keefe D release pending trial but set a high bail at $750,000. Even if he manages to post bail, he will be placed under house arrest with electronic monitoring until the trial proceedings unfold. Until the required bail amount is met, Keefe D will remain in custody.


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